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Pan Fried Ard Mhácha Shiitake Mushrooms

We grow the best tasting mushrooms in Ireland.

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“Exotic mushrooms must not be rushed. Time and care are the two key ingredients for creating the best tasting mushrooms.”

Jemmy McCann

Ard Mhacha Irish Oyster Mushrooms 150g pack
Ard Mhacha Shiitake Mushrooms 150g Pack
Ard Mhácha Mushrooms Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

Our Mushrooms

Our premium Irish Shiitake and Irish Oyster mushrooms are packed full of flavour, and farmed using organic practices that have been carefully crafted, in order to create the best possible tasting produce.

Ard Mhacha Mushroom Pate Recipe

Ard Mhácha Shiitake Mushrooms and Oyster Mushrooms taste delicious gently pan fried on there own in real Irish butter seasoned to taste. 

We've put together five of our favourite recipes using our Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms. They are easy to prepare and bring out the flavour of our mushrooms to their fullest 


Jemmy McCann of Ard Mhácha Mushrooms

How to buy

Ard Mhácha Gourmet Mushrooms feature on the menus of the finest restaurants throughout Ireland and sell in the good food stores. 

If you would like to become a stockist of Ard Mhácha Gourmet Mushrooms or introduce them onto your menu, please get in touch with us. Click the link below to complete the form and we will make contact with you.

Around the Farm

The view from Ard Mhácha Mushrooms

Hand Grown and
Hand Picked

Grown in County Armagh, Ard Mhácha Gourmet Mushrooms are completely unique, unlike anything that has ever decorated an Irish plate before. 

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